Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM For All Of Your Analytics, Marketing, And Drip Campaigns

Broker Forward CRM

Our CRM Will Provide You With Unparalleled Insights Into What Your Clients Are Doing.

Our customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is built to make your marketing efforts seamless. Through the CRM you can optimize emails, create drip campaigns, and effectively engage with past, current, and future clients. In fact, the CRM can help you to visualize their real estate journey as they turn to your brokerage for help renting, buying, or selling their home.

The CRM is built to help you more effectively gather the data analytics that you need to give clients a personalized experience to build retention and drive sales. You can see what pages are the most popular, track what properties each client is looking at, discover what information they have already requested, and efficiently track what they are doing on your site. The latter data can give you the insights that you need to create dynamic client profiles. These profiles can then be used to boost your marketing efforts through emails, property listings, and drip campaigns.

Research shows that drip campaigns are an effective lead generation tool. This marketing tactic can nurture your leads over time, so that prospective clients turn to your brokerage for all of their real estate needs. You can further streamline your marketing efforts by creating mailing lists, labels, and campaigns based on site analytics, customer profiles, and demographic data.

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